Gift Cards

The perfect gift for giving.  Give the gift that’s simply delicious.  Give them an entire bakery, deli, in fact an entire store from which to choose their favorite treats or a delicious ready-to-serve meals.  It’s easy and convenient.  Gift Cards are conveniently located at any check stand.

To check your gift card balance call:

  • 1 (888) 529-6578

After dialing the access number listed above, you will be prompted to:

  1. Choose between English and Spanish.
  2. Enter a 3 digit code that is provided to you by the system.
  3. Enter the full 16 card number.

You will hear one of the following responses:

  • If the Card is Active, the system will return the gift cards real time balance.
  • If the Card is Inactive, the system will indicate that the gift card is Inactive and needs to be activated.
  • If the Card is Closed, the system will indicate that the gift card is Closed.  This will normally occur when an Active card has reached a zero balance.

You will be able to request card balances on up to two gift cards per call.