: Carniceria



What’s for lunch or dinner?  Whether you have a vision of carne asade, tender and sizzling on the grill, or a special occasion steak dinner, look no further than Rancho San Miguel Markets full-service meat department.  We prepare our seasoned meats fresh daily to bring you the best quality and flavor possible.

When you’re looking for a specialty cut of beef or poultry or simply want to know the differences between our wide variety of seafood, our full-service Caniceria staff is eager to answer your questions and provide just the right suggestion for your meal.  With over 80 feet of counter space, Rancho San Miguel Markets feature a wide variety of specialty meat, poultry and seafood to satisfy every appatite.   We’re sure you will be amazed at the quality, selection and value.  Come on by and see it for yourself!

You’ll always have assurance with our 100% freshness guarantee.  That’s our promise!